Monday, September 13, 2010

Where did the time go?!

Seriously it has just flown by! A quick summer recap is in order. We went on holidays to Spokane and and stayed at a great RV Resort. It was tons of fun. The weather was great and the shopping was great too. We even managed to meet up with some old friends. Miss Cinderella did a 2 week day camp that had awesome activities. We did a few camping weekends and home projects and before you know it the back to school rush. The girls have settled into school and will have their first full week this week. Now dancing and Brownies have started up again. Now just to need to get organized and start scrapbooking again and continue on that Christmas quilt.

Enjoying a round of golf

Checking each other out

First day of school

I also forgot to add in that we had 2 major hail storms this summer. This one was the worst. I managed to save one planter and I just let the other ones go. I've never seen anything like this before the hail just didn't stop.

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