Monday, November 22, 2010

This will never happen again!

The Rhino's birthday occurs early in December and it is the rule that the Christmas stuff goes up after the birthday.  But...this year I broke the rule. Sometimes it's fun to break the rules! And to my shock and amazement the Rhino seemed okay with it.  After all, he was the one to lug up the tree in parts.  Yes, we have an artificial tree and yes we like it very much.  But it is isn't a job that I could knock off on my own in 10 minutes and hope that no one would notice!  The kids were super excited about everything and now we can just sit back and enjoy the season. And also my Uncle in Ontario can now sleep at night knowing that I have a tree up!  Besides what else can you do when it is -25?!

Muffin tin advent

Our tree

Basket done by Princess Belle

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October Moon Blog said...

LOVED the basket...great job!