Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Okay, I will admit it I am a picky eater!  I also happen to travel with some picky eaters on occasion. It is really nice to have someone prepare your meals for you.  For the most part I appreciate and enjoy it but sometimes you can't beat something from your own kitchen.  Here were a few breakfast choices from our resort in Mexico.
Pozole (soup) served for breakfast

Refried beans - hardly ever touched

Bananas anyone?

Just in case you didn't believe me!

Surprisingly, I haven't had one complaint since coming home about anything that has been served for dinner.  I've even had a few of the "I love this stuff" comments.  But then again for kids being at home is like being at an all inclusive resort in terms of meal planning and preparation.  But we did have a little tast of home here!

And yes we did have the cono!

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