Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Canada Day

We have never taken the girls to a parade - I know I am the worst mother ever, right?!  A friend of us told us about this awesome parade that they go to every year in a small town.  They even throw candy at the kids!  Bonus!  I loved every minute of this parade!

Main Street - waiting for the parade to start

Checking out all the action

Pretty funny!

Wonder how his haircut turned out?

We had lots of fun and the kids loved catching the candy and just waiting and watching to see what will come next!  I think this will be a new annual tradition to go to this parade.

One last shot...

Miss Cinderella made my heart so proud during the parade without prompting or encouragement she would go and get the boy beside me candy.  As the parade floats and attractions would go by they would throw the candy at the kids but these two boys didn't stand a chance in getting the candy as the young kids would run up and take it but Miss C noticed that and went and gave it to them.  She knew without even asking or questioning that they could use a little bit of kindness.  We were so proud of her!

After we left the parade we happen to come across these - it seemed like Area 51...what do you think?

Pretty cool but we thought it was best to be a leaving! 


one and one + two said...

Looks fun! Happy Canada Day!

one and one + two said...

ok...i think i finally solved my 'technical issues' and got those photos on my blog!