Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Move on!

Oh my it's been a long time since I've posted anything! A friend recently commented that she was tired of seeing the over priced bread!! Guess what, me too. Half the reason is that I do not like this new format for blogger and it seems impossible to use. But again I say let's move on!
Last weekend The Princesses had a great opportunity to go on a trip. It was called "blast to the past" and it was an overnight trip. They got to see so many great historical sights and experience a barn dance. Such great times! They loved the tour bus and I am sure I will be hearing about the bus for a long time.

Miss Cinderella was also asked to dance at the barn dance! She was so excited and I was so happy for her!  This was her first dance with a boy.

 They left early on Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening.  After they returned  the next few hours were filled with fun (okay maybe not!)  they involved a little bit of vomiting from motion sickness and packing for another adventure.  More on that later!

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Anonymous said...

That's cute. She looks totally excited, where he looks like he wants to run! LOL