Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Vacation Analogy

Bear with me on this one.  You know when you are going on vacation and you feel nervous, anxious, even a tad bit scared and also excited I've just experienced that.  You've prepared and read all the guide books, talked to people who have been there and then you've also googled it (even though I try to keep that to a minimum).  But you still don't know what it will be like for you until you arrive.  What if you get there and your flight wasn't as smooth as possible? What if you arrive to your destination and you decide "oh no this is not what I expected" and you want to go home but you can't go back.  Or you get there and think "wow why didn't I do this years ago this is going to be the best thing ever".

I can say I have arrived and my "destination" seems to be very comfortable and so far I am not regretting anything.

Here was my view on day one.  I even made sure to paint my toes so they would look nice!
Lovely compression stockings to prevent clots
 If anything after not eating for 35 hours all the food seemed delicious!
All inclusive package with meals 

Breakfast - I think some of it must have fallen off on the way to my room
Coming home was great besides being very sleepy.  This was delivered and it was so nice and fresh!  You feel bad about taking it apart to eat.
Pure awesome - great things to look forward to!
I'll keep your posted about my journey but so far so good!  I am glad it is behind me so I can think about something else!

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