Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peer pressure!

Between my daughter, Princess Belle, and a friend who lives across the country I am being pressured to start a blog! Even though my life is VERY boring! A long time ago I set up a blog in 2008 and before I knew what happened it is 2010 - major time warp! Too funny but I guess it doesn't really matter. I really need to get more with it and understand the technology. No more excuses - this may even mean that I should at least watch the DVD that came with my camera!

Miss Cinderella just finished her "swim lessons". I honestly think that school swim lessons are more of a social activity! They never seem to be organized very well and kids are always in the wrong level and the kids just want to talk to their friends! I never expect a "pass"! At least the weather wasn't very cold as all the girls seem to have long hair that freezes. Princess Belle starts her lessons tomorrow. And she is really looking forward to it. I like to go to every lesson and help in the change room as I know that my girls have no body fat and just stand there shaking like a leaf!

Off to wash the swim towels and look up some technology!

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