Sunday, March 7, 2010

I can still see!!!

I am a very lucky woman right now! I still am able to see after my accident of getting proactiv skin lightening lotion in my eye! How does a fairly intelligent woman get it in her eye you are asking yourself right!? All I can say is I put a very small amount on my finger to apply to my forehead and it just rolled off my finger into my eye. I can honestly say it was the worst pain I have ever felt! I was screaming for the husband, Rhino, to help me. The Princesses are assembled outside of the bathroom watching the crazy mother wail in pain. After telling them to get back to bed as we had everything under control - I ask Rhino am I going to go blind? After a really good flush out and lots of the eye watering I am happy to report that it is almost all better! However, the skin lightening lotion is now going in the garbage as it has hydrquinone in it and apparently that has been linked to cancer. Oh my the price of beauty.

What else have I been up to? Helping Princess Belle get over a cold and insisting that she still attend her regular ballet classes and also go to additional practice as the RAD exam is coming up very quickly. The exam is coming up in 2 weeks and she needs to still learn some things. Lots of pressure now as she has only been in ballet for 4 months.

We hosted a great early family dinner with the cousins and aunt tonight! It felt like spring today and it was a great day for a BBQ.

Off to bed now that my eye is no longer stinging! And thanks Rhino for remaining calm, cool and collected while the crazy wife was having a meltdown.

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