Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's up alligator?!

I wasn't fooling you was I?! I will admit that I was way too chicken to hold it. I really did try but I just couldn't it was warm and the thought of holding on tight to its tail was just too much for me. By the way this is a 3 year old alligator - I was really surprised by its size.

It's been so long since I have posted anything so I thought I better get back to it. We had a great vacation and it now seems so long ago. The cruise was really nice and relaxing and we enjoyed Florida again. We didn't do Disney World this time as it was Easter and I *knew* the lines would be long and that I wouldn't enjoy it as much. We did lots of other stuff though and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Here's a few pictures. It was Princess Belle's birthday on the cruise and she enjoyed her special day.

In Belize we did a city tour in an old Toyota - 5 of us plus the driver. It was a tad too cozy for me and forget about the seatbelts as there wasn't one to be found in the car. It was so hot and the Princesses were less than impressed.

Our last stop on the cruise was in the Bahama's and it was exciting as Miss Cinderella lost a tooth! The tooth fairy on a cruise ship is a special event. It is tradition in our family that the tooth fairy dips the end of her dress in a glass of water and whatever color the water is that is the color of her dress. This time the water was slightly pink.

Right before we left our computer totally died. It wouldn't turn on. Rhino went out and purchased a new power supply and it still wouldn't turn on. The computer geek basically said it could cost about $350 to fix and we still would have an outdated computer. I hate when these things happen. We did get a new computer and it is nice but I am still trying to locate my pictures. I think we took about a zillion pictures on the holiday but I did manage to get those sorted. It's a love/hate relationship with digital photos as you have so many pictures to decide between. I think I "narrowed" it down to about 300 that I will print to scrapbook.

I worked on a great project on Monday with some ladies from the girls school. I re-did my mailbox. It was looking a little worse for wear. I still need to take a picture of it and hang it back up. I had to let it dry and then we have had a wind warning out for the past two days I don't want my efforts getting ruined in the first day. Maybe tomorrow.....I promise it will be soon!

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