Monday, May 31, 2010


Thanks to digital everyone takes a million photos, right?! We seem too and we never delete them even though they are crappy and we would never print them but still we save them - you know just in case! We take A LOT of pictures in our house but it is slowing down as the Princesses get older. While uploading and sorting (well trying to) all the photos out I "discovered" this photo. It just took my breath away. It made me realize that Miss Cinderella is growing up. How did this happen? In some ways it seems like just a blink of an eye and in other ways it has seemed like a long time. I just got lots of photos printed and want to do something special with this photo as I just love it!

The Princesses have their dance recital this upcoming weekend and I am sure we will have lots of great photo opportunities. Everything is coming to the end - dance and school. Let's hope that our weather improves and that we feel like summer soon. Everything is super green and lush now - so let's add the sunshine. Only 20 some days of school left....the panic sets in! Better get some scrapbooking done soon!

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