Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fire Safety

I will make the solemn promise to never get distracted by blogging/cleaning/bathroom breaks while cooking EVER again!  And I know I'm not the only one who has gotten distracted.

I still can't believe I did this one.  I was going to make chicken noodle soup from the package for the Princesses lunch what I didn't plan on was starting it on fire!  I accidentally turned the wrong burner on and left the package on the burner that I turned on.
When I realized that something didn't smell so nice I discovered the foil package smoking/smoldering on the burner.  Oh oops - well really you know I didn't say that. I said something that is R rated.  But you get the idea. 

Thank goodness for the foil type packaging it comes in otherwise I think it would have been worse. I took the package off the stove and ran it under water and then I noticed that everything seemed very smoky. The
smell is just gross.  I have left all the windows and doors open trying to air the house out and have a couple fans on to circulate the air too.  I think it is helping. 

Guess what we didn't have soup for lunch today...even though it looks like a few noodles were spared.

I am so embarrassed one of Princess Belle's friends told her she smelt funny this afternoon.  And another classmate asked if someones parents smoked because there was an odd odor in the air.  Nope that's just my Mom cooking lunch for us! Wanna join us for lunch?!

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