Monday, June 13, 2011


Princess Belle has worn glasses for about 3 years now. She just got a new pair of really nice glasses before school started in September but she was complaining of two things. The first being the "I don't want to wear my glasses anymore" and then the second being "I can't see far with my glasses anymore".  Mmmm, this made me think is it a vanity issue or an actual sight issue?!  So off we went to the eye doctor and lo and behold she only needs to wear her glasses for reading!  Every time I look at her I am thinking something is missing and catch myself from saying "where are your glasses?". So goodbye glasses for now!

The second thing that we have said goodbye to is the TMP bar!  We were so surprised we were told that it would stay on for the whole ortho treatment plan (about 14 months). This was such a good surprise!


Now here we are just a few short months later and look at the difference!

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one and one + two said...

princess belle looks so grown up and pretty!