Friday, January 20, 2012

Hole in the wall

We are almost done!  And really I feel like I could crawl in this little hole and just hibernate for a bit!
Hole courtesy of carpet installers
Yesterday was the carpet installation and the carpet is so nice!  This place is really starting to feel like a home!  One of the hitches though is this little hole.  I hate drywall repairs.

Here is the before with 20 year old carpet...

It was in bad shape

The day of possession Mr. October Moon came and helped remove all 803 pounds of carpet and underlay.  Thank you again for your help!
Brand new carpet so fresh (and clean!)
Last weekend we did Allure Flooring in the laundry room and bathroom.  It is a great product to use when you don't want to pull up the old lino.  The laundry room is a bit unusual in this house as it has a wheelchair ramp that drops 9 1/2" to the door.  Not fun to deal with.  It looks so much better and I am very happy with it. It is a big improvement.
Laundry room - before
Laundry room - after
Poor Rhino cut himself twice and of course we didn't have a first aid kit.  I only had one small band aid how typical!  I sent a text to my mom and asked if she had a first aid kit her response was "no I don't have any such thong".  I think she meant to say thing!  I laughed and it proves humor is a great healer.  So we improvised as the clock was ticking down and the work must continue on.

Electrical tape and Kleenex
We worked until about 12:30 on Saturday night and we were both so exhausted we couldn't even think straight.  Off to bed and then it started again!

The weather has been so cold and no one wants to go outside.

This doesn't take into account the wind chill
We have had such nice weather considering the temperature was this just 10 days prior

October Moon has been a great help in this process.  We cleaned and were SO grossed out by how dirty everything was.  Just a little PSA if you smoke STOP right now it is so disgusting and it coats everything with a yellow film.  Yesterday while the carpet was being installed (and holes being made) we organized the fabric department we went from this..

To this...

The biggest transformation will be in the kitchen area.  It is definitely a work in progress.  Here we are in the before stages.  The cupboards, floor and back splash have to be gone.

We started by removing the cupboards and now the cupboard to the left of Princess Belle is gone.  We removed some of the back splash but it was a hard job to do at night as we didn't want to make too much noise and annoy the next door neighbour.  We had two fabulously hard working Elder Missionaries that stepped in to help.  We were so grateful for this as they removed all the back splash and they even removed the flooring!  The floor was laminate over lino.  It was such a help and kept us on our schedule.  So again thank you Elders!  This took them 3 hours it would have probably taken us 30 hours.

Did I mention that most of the lights have also been changed?! This was one of the most scariest ones as the ceiling is high.

Good bye brass!

Silver nickle
Also here is my little rant about kijiji we advertised the ceiling fan and also another one for free.  Of course I had people coming out of the woodwork and arrangements were made with multiple people for the free items and of course no one showed to pick it up!  I also hate when people want lots of information for a free item i.e., what year was it made, do you have the receipt, how often was it used.  I could go on and on but really the point is it is free - take it or leave it!!

What's on the plate for this weekend skating and horseback riding lessons.  And at the villa doors and knobs that need to be changed...and the list goes on. Need to add the drywall repair to the list too. Meanwhile I will just dream of crawling into a little hole somewhere!

Happy Friday!

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