Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving is Hard!

This moving stuff is hard and it's not even my move! My Mom is moving into a place 2 minutes away from me.  It is going to be so nice but until then it is work, work, work.  She has had the place for 1 week and so far we have ripped all the carpets out (803 pounds worth!), done lights in the basement and the painter is painting.  Tonight Rhino is doing some lights and tomorrow the kitchen cupboards come out.

Did I mention these stairs yet?!  It was so hard to remove the carpet and staples from them.  Thanks to Rhino and Mr. October Moon it was done.  We have been moving stuff (mainly fabric and quilting supplies) into the basement.  I can't even begin to think how many times I have done these stairs.  All I know is there has to be an end in sight, right?!

Happy Friday!

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