Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summers over!

Wow again time flies!  I cannot believe that I will have 2 Princesses returning to school in 2 days.  We had a great summer and the weather has been just great.  This summer we did some camping, some day trips, and lots of hanging out.

We had an awesome summer road trip to Southern California.  Perfect weather, lots to do, experienced 2 earthquakes, saw a protest and had lot of fun!

Our trailer with the Disney fireworks in the back

Some evening beach time

Miss Cinderella's favorite ride (NOT)

More fun at Disney

The largest shoe store in the world (I think!)

Freemont Street in Vegas

AG Place in LA

Protests in Anaheim

Hanging out in Radiator Springs
We took so many pictures almost 2200 so you may be seeing more pictures than you want on here.  Today is full of getting binders organized for school, yard work and the dreaded garage clean out!

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