Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wrap Up

Lots of stuff to catch up on!  It has been a busy week.  We started off with Princess Belle's dance recital on Sunday night.  It was such a good night and the dancing was great.  The BEST part was that she won an award!  She was so excited.  Her award was for most improved student in modern dance.  Unfortunately here is the only picture we have of her after getting the award.  By this time everyone was done as it was almost 11:00 pm!

Then on Tuesday Miss Cinderella had her celebration ceremony to mark the end of Grade 6. It was such a well planned out event.  Too bad the weather didn't cooperate and it was a bit cool and rainy for the balloon release and dance. Get ready for picture overload.
All ready to go

Holding on tight

Flash dance

Walking the carpet

All ready for junior high

We always get pictures for the first of everything but I also wanted one from the last day of school.
Last day of school
And just to remember what they looked like on the first day of school.
First day of school

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