Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun in the park

We had a great time at Prince's Island Park today. For the summer months there are street performers at the park. Both Princesses were picked to help the Magician. Princess Belle with a card trick and Miss Cinderella with a magic ball trick. The magician told Miss Cinderella that if she caught him touching the balls that she could pick a prize - either a balloon animal or a $5 bill. Of course she picked the money! Smart girl. In the end he gave her the money and the balloon. But Miss Cinderella didn't really understand the concept of the money as it was meant to get the crowd going to give him money for his performance. So at the end of the show she wanted to keep the money. It was quite the discussion and she did end up giving him the money back but with the promise that we give her $5. Oh boy!!

I was so grossed out as the Magician blew up a skinny balloon to about 3 feet long and then proceeded to shove it ALL down his throat. I have no idea where it went but it did go down. I could hardly watch it.

Both Princesses were a bit sad as neither passed their swim lessons. Interestingly enough nobody else in the class passed either. The front crawl is always the hangup for both of them as they both do a very looong slide glide and have trouble maintaining the pace. Definitely we will have to practice this summer.

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