Saturday, June 26, 2010

A good deed

For the second time in her life Princess Belle has grown her hair out and then cut it off for donation. She has decided that she will do this until she is a Grandma and doesn't understand why everyone doesn't do it! I'm sure this will change once she becomes a teenager and wants to have highlights. We are so proud of her. She loves her new do and for right now it is perfect for the summer.

In other news the Princesses have just finished another great year at school. For some reason since our March break the time has flown by. It went so quick. Today I had the pleasure of going to lunch with Princess Belle's awesome teacher and another lady who was a superstar classroom volunteer for a great lunch. The weather today was perfect but the mosquitoes are crazy this year - lots of water and now some really nice weather is a recipe for really hungry blood suckers.

We finish our swim lessons tomorrow and I am excited and after we plan to go to Prince's Island Park to see the summer street performers again. Looking forward to it!

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