Monday, December 6, 2010

A birthday and a party!

What a felt like we were hardly home at all!  It was Rhino's birthday on Friday so took him out for a great dinner in the evening then we went and did a bit of shopping thanks to a discount coupon from Bubba.  Gotta love a Bubba that has connections!  Earlier in the day both girls went to the same birthday party and both brought home a 9" round cake so we had a lot of cake to eat!  With 2 cakes already in the house there wasn't really a need to make a cake for Rhino.  Or maybe that's just me being lazy. 

Saturday the girls had their usual activities then we went to Alice In Wonderland at the university.  It was amazing to see you could tell a lot of time and resources went into it.  The talent of all the dancers was great.  After that we went for dinner out again (no wonder my waist line is getting thicker!) and then I almost finished my Christmas shopping thanks again to the coupon from Bubba.

On Sunday the girls were invited to a Christmas party and we had a great time again - they served a nice turkey dinner for lunch and the kids quite enjoyed the "atmosphere".

Just Rhino's coffee (I promise!)

Yes, that's right the party was held in a pub!!  Now if this wasn't exhausting enough after the party we went to our friends house for dinner (see why my waistline is getting thicker!).  I might actually need another weekend to just get caught up and rest.

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