Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Eats (for the most part!)

Miss Cinderella had a cultural feast at school today.  The quantity of food was unbelievable.  There was enough for about 135 students, volunteers and staff  PLUS  left overs for each class. Each child was to bring in a dish that represented their cultural background.  Haggis anyone?!  Actually it was brought in. And yes I passed. There was also something that looked like p**p on a stick.  Safe to say I passed on that too. I wish I had passed on the what looked like fudge but turned out to be dates.  I still cringe when I think about how awful it was.  Miss Cinderella stayed on the safe side and loaded up on cheese and cookies.  Can't say I really blame her.  She definitely gets the picky eating thing from moi!

There was a slight miscommunication between the Princess and I as I was going to bring in tea sandwiches to represent England however she drew up the flag from Nova Scotia and thought I would bring in something from Scotland.  Ummm....thanks but yeah I'll pass.  So I made the sandwiches as planned and as the Rhino said (in Scottish accent)..."well they are made from Scottish eggs".  I am glad that I made the sandwiches as there was a lot of cookies and desserts to be had.

Our egg salad and cucumber sandwiches (pronounced with Scottish accent)!

One happy Princess!

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October Moon Blog said...

I love cumcumber sandwiches! Good choice!