Thursday, September 22, 2011

Corn Maze Fun

We were camping a couple weeks ago and went to a corn maze with some friends. They had so many fun things to do for all age groups.  We started off by going on the big jumping pillow.  It was huge and so much fun! 

Next we wondered off to the "go-carts".  I so want one of these giant sized tricycles to cruise around my little street.

Next we actually did the corn maze.  We had to pick the medium difficulty maze as the hard maze was marked as muddy.  It was a lot of twists and turns and discussions to stay together, eh...those that were with us know what I am meaning! In the end no matter how hard we tried to lose the kids we all ended up together.  Lots of fun and laughs, eh!

 We also did some shooting!  Of the gourd and tomato kind.  This was so much fun.  I loved it when it hit the bus. I really love these sorts of things - maybe I should be a bit concerned.

And just when you think you are about done we stopped for a break and had huge ice cream cones.  It was a nice break.

Next we panned for some gold well okay rocks.  Which was also very fun so we might as well have been looking for gold!

This was such a fun day!  After many hours we reluctantly left after one last feeding of the goats to head back to our camp site.  And at our camp site we had some weird sightings of this variety....

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