Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Quilt

My Mom is an excellent quilter and does amazing work as in everything is perfect and all the corners meet.  A LONG time ago I had seen a quilt that I fell in love with but I quickly pushed it out of my mind - because I can't sew a straight line!  But thankfully my Mom didn't push it out of her mind she bought it and worked on it for years without me knowing. I always had a feeling that something was being worked on.  But  that feeling quickly vanished as Mom gave the Princesses quilts made out of the fabric that I loved. 

Fast forward about 6/7 years and the surprise of my life!  She did make me the quilt!!!   I had no idea at all about the quilt until I went to a quilt show.  Mom invited and kept asking if I was going to this quilt show but I still had no idea I just assumed that she wanted company.  At the quilt show there was the quilt that she had made for me.  I was so surprised and shocked really.  The pictures don't really do it justice.  It is lovely and beautiful! 

Thank you again Mom!

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