Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red Rock Canyon

While spending a week in Waterton we all got to experience Red Rock Canyon.  It is amazing.  The first time I was there I did the little walk above the canyon and the Princesses plus friends played in the water below.  It was beautiful.  The second time I got to experience the canyon was to go straight through the canyon.  I stopped at one point (because I am a big chicken!) and stayed with a sweet little boy while the rest of the group ventured on.  They ventured to the water slide which is a rock that is so smooth as the water has run over it for thousands of years.  Did I mention the water was a tad cold like in GLACIER COLD!!  They had so much fun! 

I knew this was something that the Rhino would love to do.  However I forgot about his "problem". He took an antihistamine and put his arm in the water and waited for a few minutes.  He was good to go!  I was relieved as I knew he would love to do this. And I made it all the way in to but passed on the water slide!

Here are a few pictures of the hike in to the water slide....

This was only possible because of this woman...she is AMAZING!  She got us there all 3 times and was so willing to do this.  Mrs. S has a new name in my opinion SHERPA!  She was able to scale the rocks like no one else all while guiding her preschooler through this.  The Princesses ranked this as the most fun time they had during summer vacation.  So thank you again Mrs. Sherpa.  On top of it all she offers homemade snacks at the end of all her adventures.  Incredible is all I can say about her.  And of course a BIG thank you for making this possible.

Our own Sherpa guide!

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