Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitchen Chair

While on vacation in Spokane this summer  I spotted a thrift store, imagine that!  It was mainly a lot of junk and it was all stored outside. Most of it should have just gone straight to the dump. I have no idea what happens when it rains or snows there.  I guess everything just gets wet.

I had always wanted a little chair for the kitchen.  So when I saw this one I knew it had hope.  The bonus was that it was incredibly can really buy a chair for $1.00!

The chair was in rough shape indeed!  But remember it was only $1.00!  I brought it back to our campsite and Rhino could only laugh about why I had picked this up.  I am surprised he didn't make me leave it!
The seat in all it's glory

Got some mold!

Are you feeling gross yet?! I am.

I cleaned all the disgusting black mold off with bleach.  Initially I thought I would just make another bottom for it.  But those little clips that hold the seat onto the frame would have been hard to redo.  I put another foam pad on it and then used leftover fabric from the kitchen drapes for the seat cover.

Rhino helped with the seat recovering.  I wanted to learn how to do this before I help a friend out on her kitchen chairs.  I figured it would be much better to make a mistake on this!

And now the chair is now actually being used!  Not bad for a $1.00 find.

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