Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

I never did post any pictures of Halloween it just slipped my mind.  Because we have so much stuff going on well mainly my mom I decided to buy costumes for the girls.  They both had classroom parties in the afternoon and got to wear their costumes to school too.  The girls headed out at about 6:00 and were done by 8:00 and then went to a friends for some apple cider.

On Sunday we carved some pumpkins up.  Scary Larry was the winner this year in detail and scariness!  Good job Rhino! The pumpkins we got this year were huge and had a really nice shape.

Right before they headed out for the candy haul...

And they still have candy left!!  Someone is saving some particular pieces to enjoy after November 23rd!

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October Moon Blog said...

You looked great girls! (oh, and Rhino!)