Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Amazing} Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

This picture pretty well sums up the whole birthday party for Miss Cinderella!!  My husband totally rocked this birthday party. Sure the food, goodie bags, invites and all that other stuff was left to me but he put together the scavenger hunt!  He did a truly amazing job with everything! It was a ton of work but lots of fun as you can see by these smiling faces.

The group ready to take off after getting the race instructions and teams assigned.  Oh they have no idea in this picture how much running and looking they will be doing!

One of the requirements was to find the pirate ship and get your picture taken in front of it.  Someone was embarrassed...

Searching for items too bad it was in the wrong spot - tee hee!

Getting there...gearing up for part 2

After the scavenger hunt that was so much fun we had some pizza, ice cream cake and gifts. Then we went back to the pirate ship for a tour of the high seas and there was a lot of screaming going on!  Then we topped off the night by doing some fireworks to celebrate the day.

I think I will start hiring my husband out to do birthday parties now! I think this was one of the best birthday parties we have ever had.  Thank you Rhino for making this so special!


October Moon Blog said...

I know one little girl had an absolutely fabulous time! Thanks so much!!

one and one + two said...

Very cool party! Who's house is that with the pirate ship???