Friday, October 21, 2011

Trailer Love

In the span of about 2 months I've seen something a bit different....painted trailers.  Now this is one I could really admire and really appreciated all the work that went into it.

1951 Fireball AKA "The Creamsicle"
Restoring trailers into vintage masterpieces would be a labour of love.  I admire all the commitment and effort not to mention the money spent on the restoration. 

But I've also been seeing trailers that are really just junk and not all that vintagey (is that a word!!) and really probably weren't worth the effort or the cost of the paint.  Case in point...this one just so happens to be in my neighbourhood.  Hope they don't see this on my blog!
We'll call this "Pink Panther"
We'll call this "Darth Vader"
We saw this trailer while driving to Spokane. You have to look up the road a bit - it is hard to see but it was painted ALL black...and when I mean all black even the windows and the vents! I was hoping I was going to get a better picture because we weren't sure if the whole unit was roadworthy and that they would be travelling slower on the highway. Well, before we knew it it blew right past us and was passing everything in sight...and alas why I have the poor quality picture!

So now we are on the lookout for painted trailers!  Lets hope they are of the more classic variety!!

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I had to 'pin' the 'creamsicle'. Loved it!