Friday, October 7, 2011

Fisher Price Toys

Isn't this classic...

The best part is that I still have some of these toys - thanks to my Mom for keeping them all these years.  I was lucky enough to have the castle, vacation house, and houseboat!  Somewhere though in my memory I can remember playing with the hospital but it isn't in my collection in my basement. 

My favorite toy though was the castle I used to play with it for hours at a time.  I loved that pink dragon, drawbridge and secret room.  Such good memories. 

And now I am storing them just like my Mom did. The problem is that I am probably storing too many things in my basement because it always looks like a bomb went off!  Happy Friday!!!

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October Moon Blog said...

Check out the prices! We had the vacation house and the camper pictured. And my mom still has them too!