Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You are kidding right?!

All over blogland you read and see all these fabulous finds from either Craiglist's or Goodwill.  I am envious of these bloggers that get such great "finds".  However, where we are located the selection and prices suck!  Case in point....

I bought some of these at my local home improvement store and I think they were about $6.00 each.  Not too bad.  At my local Value Village they had one of these complete with lovely black grease marks on it for $4.99.  Seriously?!  I've even seen some things there that are priced higher than they are new(for example Ikea frames).   Why can't we have the selection and prices of our US counterparts?  Perhaps, I should start the blogland boycott of thrift stores here!  Care to join me?

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October Moon Blog said...

We're in the wrong business!