Monday, February 14, 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Everyone needs an old door in their front room, right?!  Well I knew that I needed wanted one.  The trouble was trying to find the right one.  Rhino took me on an adventure when it was -35 out and the roads were shoddy and I was hoping that we would make it.  I was being to think I was crazy for even attempting to go outside.

We found lots of old doors - but the one I had envisioned in my head had green chippy paint on it.  The doors that we saw had old paint on them but not necessarily chippy paint! There was a door that was in the running and it had great color, however, it had a huge crack right down the center so that got it crossed off the list. 

I found a white door that had great potential and as an added bonus it even had the crystal doorknob!  If you know me I usually like my furniture white but this still wasn't the green chippy door I had in mind.  I had it up for a couple of weeks and then decided that I would attempt to change it and make it mine.   I found that the white made it just blend in to the wall too much.  So here is my attempt to get my green chippy door.
Before painting

During painting

My door - with the wreath made by October Moon
I think having a door in your front room is very cool.  So far though no one has noticed it!

As an added bonus the green paint I used was a Lowe's mistint and cost $2.50 and the blue was a little sample size from Home Depot. Not bad for a first attempt and if I ever get bored with it I can paint it again!

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October Moon Blog said...

That turned out great! I can't wait to see it in person!