Saturday, February 5, 2011

I would feel like a Queen!

If only I had this chair!

Can you imagine the things that I could do with this chair?  I could wear long dark colored dresses and have fake fingernails and DIRECT the peeps in my house to do things.  Wouldn't it sound grand to sit there and tell the Princesses and Rhino "bring me my dinner now.  Or better yet "mop the floors and then when you are done you can do the wash".  Oh yes it would be grand.  But there is a slight problem with this the chair retails for about $2000 depending on what fabric choices you make. The other problem I have is where would I put it as it seems rather large.  But just in case you want to buy it so you can direct the peeps in your house it can be purchased at Restoration Hardware.  The only thing that would make it better in my mind is to have wheels on it so your peeps could push you around the house!

Also a benefit of having it is I would feel as if I am in Disneyland/world all day long as it reminds me of the doombuggy that you sit in at the Haunted Mansion!  Just in case you need a little Disney fix here it is.  So maybe considering the cost of a trip to Disney the chair is a steal.  See how I can justify anything?! Enjoy your day!

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