Monday, March 14, 2011

Cleaning Day

Around here on Mondays I usually do a lot of washing and cleaning to start the week off.  A bit ago while washing out a paint brush with this awful stuff....

Do you not see that skull and crossbones?!

It was smelling so awful and I should have been wearing gloves but I wasn't and afterwards my hands were so dry!  I happened to read the label and I was shocked!  Yes, shocking that I read the label. 

But look it says "makes an excellent general purpose cleaner for household use".  You are kidding, right?!  Who in their right mind would use this to clean?  I can just see me hollering " Hey, Rhino bring me the paint thinner Miss Cinderella is going to scrub the tub".  AS IF!!  Oh yeah, because I read the label I see that I need to keep out of reach of kids.  So really it will have to be the Rhino to do the scrubbing!  No thanks I think we will have to pass on this one!

Many uses of paint thinner
So remember in a pinch you could always bring out the paint thinner to do your housecleaning!  Or not!

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