Saturday, March 26, 2011

Service Auction

Last week I was invited to attend a service auction with some friends from school.  I was pretty worried about what to bring in the end I did some scrapbook pages up - like who isn't behind on their scrapbooking?! I really liked this page and was glad that it turned out so nice.

My scrapbook pages went pretty fast and I was surprised as there wasn't any other scrapbooking things there.  I also donated a service and look forward to getting the call to do it!

But I was so excited as I got the service for costume jewellery repair!  I was over the moon about this as I have a couple of necklaces that are in need of some help.  I get to bring 5 pieces to get fixed up to be presentable again.  I can't wait to look over all my pieces to figure out what I need to get fixed. So many decisions!

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