Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It hit me today!!

One week today and we get to leave the snow behind us.  I woke up today with a little extra spring in my step and am a little bit giddy!  I can't wait to visit the sun again and soak up some much needed vitamin D!  Does this not look like paradise to you...9 nights to enjoy.

My happy family minus Rhino
 I am getting excited but am feeling a little bit guilty as Rhino isn't able to join us.  This will be the first time that he hasn't joined us but work commitments call.  I am almost ready to put everything in the suitcase but just need to go through things again to do a double check.  But I know the sun will do us good and as a plus Rhino can keep Belle company!  Somehow I think Rhino is getting the short end of the stick.  Next year we will all have to go together.

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