Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We had the opportunity to take the Princesses golfing...they got to use their new clubs so they were excited.  It has been years since I have golfed so I was a bit nervous.  We did a twilight special and for the longest time we were alone on the course.  It was awesome. Especially that no one was watching just in case I made a fool of myself.

Everything was going along just fine and everyone was making some good hits. We were all having a great time.  But some people were catching up to us so we decided we would skip a hole and put some distance between us.

Rhino wanted me to drive the cart up (Mom this is the part that you should skip over) to him and  because I have 2 Princesses that wanted to drive the cart I was leaning over to steer.  I did a quick turn and before I knew it I had lost one of my riders!  Miss Cinderella had been tossed from the cart and I am so embarrassed to admit this but I didn't even know!  Rhino was yelling at me so I quickly drove back to her - she was NOT hurt but perhaps a little stunned.  I felt so horrible and I still do however like my Mother when something happens I occasionally get the giggles.  Well I got the giggles - I know that is a totally inappropriate reaction but hey what can I do.  Honestly she is all good....see....

Again I was so glad the no one saw this swift move!

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