Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princess Cinderella's Birthday Party!

We had her birthday party at the Humane Society and it was a really neat place to have a birthday party. We got to go behind the scenes and see where some of the animals first come into the system, we got to see the operating rooms and have a special visit with a guinea pig and a hedgehog. Did you know that a guinea pig purrs like a cat?! The hedgehog wasn't so friendly as it is nocturnal and had to be woken up to come to the party.  He was kind of a party pooper as he just wanted to hide under his towel!

We got our cat Belle from the Humane Society and the girls always talk about that so this was a perfect place to have a party.  Our leader was Jenny and she was excellent she thought Princess Cinderella was so nice to her friends and told us this group of girls was the best behaved she had ever seen!! 

So between washing dishes still, a birthday celebration, an over nighter (sleep over where no sleep occurs!) and going to see the girls friends at their  Primary  Performance it was a busy weekend!

Alexis the purring guinea pig

Performing surgery on a dog!

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