Friday, October 22, 2010

Got dishes?!

I thought it was strange that the dishwasher just stopped running - but hey maybe the kids added a dish or whatever. Things stop running all the time, right for no apparent reason?!  I was even smart and checked the breaker - but neglected to look up at the ceiling on my trip to the basement.  No problem I'll just hand wash the dishes after lunch.  Not looking up at the ceiling is actually a big problem.  Miss Cinderella ran down to the basement to get a ball to bring back to school and the next thing I know "Mom my socks are soaking, the carpet is wet and it's coming from the ceiling."  I knew right away it was the dishwasher that just stopped running.  As I am running down the stairs I am having my self  talk "why didn't I look up when I went down" and "it can't be that bad".  Wel,l hot diggity 3 ceiling tiles are soaked one is ready to fall and the carpet is beyond soaked.  I yell at the kids to bring me some towels.  The insulation is very wet - good thing it absorbs a lot!  Of course can't get ahold of Rhino.  Ummm....better call a neighbour to help.  Thank goodness he came and we turned off the water and power to the dishwasher.  Took down all the ceiling tiles and removed the insulation.  Rhino comes home and he takes out the dishwasher and guess what the pump fell off  and was just hanging there!.  We still have a warranty on my Kenmore Elite dishwasher so he called the service number and I can hear him say "just let me get this right you want to know how I will be paying if this isn't covered under my warranty.. um.. I would think this better be covered under warranty as this is crazy".  Sears comes on Tuesday so I'll let you know if it is covered under warranty.  Meanwhile, I washed a lot of dishes last night it took almost 2 hours.  My kind neighbour felt sorry for me and brought over a lot of paper plates, bowls and cups for me to use! Wish me luck for my dishpan hands.


October Moon Blog said...

OH MY! Keep using the paper plates - I wouldn't bother to use the real ones until Tuesday!

Have fun today. Hope it goes well!

Behind Closed Doors said...

Actually so far I've only used 1 paper plate but tonight I am really tired so I'll keep my options open!