Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do you have diet?

EVERY single year we give away pop usually coke sometimes pepsi it just depends.  This year I actually had a dad come back and ask if we had diet instead.  Ummm....let me think about that for a moment...oh yeah NO!!  What happened to take what you get and be done with it?!  Hey, I'm sure kids gets lots of candy that they don't like but let's just move on. So, no sorry I don't have diet because I am not a grocery store.

I have to admit this was a very stressful Halloween for ME.  Lots of tears and discussions occurred about who was going to go out with who.  In the end it all worked out but getting there wasn't fun.  I have great memories of me just going out with my dad and maybe sometimes a friend came along.  Why do kids think they have to go with a zillion friends?  Just go and have fun! 

Princess Belle's pumpkin creation

Here comes trouble!

Here comes more trouble!!

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October Moon Blog said...

What does that teach kids, when it's the parents that are ungrateful?! Yeah...sure...just let me grab you a 'diet'...!