Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hard to see but Miss C's left cheek is green!
 Boy what a week this was - I definitely don't want to re-live this one!  On Wednesday Miss Cinderella had oral surgery and on Thursday Princess Belle got her braces on!  Both girls have been slowly recovering.  Miss Cinderella was and is still very sore but now at least she can eat.  Princess Belle is having a way harder time with food as she has a "bar" on the roof of her mouth and everything gets caught in it.  Thank goodness for a best friend who will do a "yop run" when asked!! Milkshakes and yop have seen us through several days now.

2 days after surgery and lots of cheek swelling!

I know you all are dying to see this - the dreaded bar!

My Mom was also a lifesaver and she had a small Thanksgiving dinner for us which was great!  It was a real treat and also a break.  Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!  I even managed to get my Halloween decorations up. 

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