Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap

Wow another Christmas gone!  Here is our tree I love our tree and it is the one thing I miss most when our decorations are down.  I love the amount of light it gives off.  This year the tree came down on December 27th.  As did the other decorations.

Tree 2011
Princess Belle excited over her gift card from Bubba!
Gift card already spent
Miss Cinderella LOVES husky dogs this will be as close as she ever comes to owning one!
So Happy!
Even Belle loves the husky!  She realizes she may have some competition now.
Taking a break
While I was preparing dinner the Princesses had a photo session.

The end of the day smiles

This just because I couldn't resist..I think this is just too cute.  I am going to have to resist but how cute would that pattern be in a scrapbook layout?!?!.
We had a great Christmas and the Princesses loved every minute of it.  Unfortunately we all have had a bit of some type of chest infection but we seem to be getting better.  Poor Princess Belle even had a trip to urgent care on Christmas morning as she was under the weather with bronchitis.  I hope to never have to go again on Christmas Day but how lucky are we that we can go!

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