Friday, December 23, 2011

Scary Santa

Before you scroll down please brace yourself and make sure all young children have left the room!  Otherwise your children may be traumatized for life.

It is a rite of passage to go see Santa for most kids.  Usually parents dress the kids up, wait in a long line and walk away with a Santa photo. Traditions that make us smile and remember way back when.

Rhino's Mom after seeing this mall Santa should have marched right on out!  Do not wait in the line and never ever have a photo taken with this Santa.  This Santa looks like he probably had a little too much Christmas cheer and you can see those shifty/beady eyes are up to no good.  But Rhino doesn't look that scared and even has a half smile on his face.  He even comes with me to take our kids to see Santa.  That is because he knows they now have extensive criminal background checks!  Rhino never lets the opportunity go to talk about this awful Santa though!

We have always taken the girls to see Santa at the mall...we only missed one year.  We love Santa and this one especially.  He was always so kind and you could tell he had a bit of Santa magic in him.

 This year we took the kids and we always wonder if "Our Santa" will be there.  This year I was crushed he wasn't there.  I was sad and wondered if he had made the trip to Santa heaven.  I did find out that he has just retired so that made me happy!

This Santa was just ok.  Miss Cinderella got on his leg and he moved and she almost fell off and then he quickly dismissed them.  This will probably be the last year for a Santa mall picture.

Ah the memories...of the Santa photo. If you look closely someone has a list for Santa in her hand!


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