Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not what I expected!!

While on pinterest the other night I saw this neat idea.  It came from this blog.  I thought it looked so nice and so simple.  I had a bag of candy from the dollar store left over.  Please don't judge me the candy was for a school gingerbread activity. So it wasn't going to be consumed anyways.

Here is what hers looked like.  So nice and look at the shape.  Bonus her oven is cleaner and also look at her cookie sheet it isn't all black like mine.

I laid out all the candy and used parchment paper - wouldn't want to have a sticky mess.  Not that I have ever had that happen.

Mine looks more like an amoeba shape!  So I took a knife and tried to make it more square.  I probably should have stopped there. 

I got the genius idea to break the candy up and put it in cookie cutter shapes.  It will keep its shape then.

I think I may have put it in the oven for a minute too long.  The candy is kind of frothy and bubbly.  No worries it will just cool down and go flat. It did with a few bubbles.

Ummm...the candy is now stuck to the cookie cutters.  Maybe I should have sprayed the cookie cutters.  I tried to be gentle and it just wasn't budging.  Every last one broke!!  So much for that project!

I love looking at all the neat stuff on pinterest and find I am wasting way too much time there.  But I love all the different stuff out there and to see the possibilities. 

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