Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who's on the naughty or nice list?!

I had such a great start on Christmas shopping thanks to a trip to Kalispell Montana in November.  I thought I was about done!  Actually in reality only my toes were done. While power shopping in Montana I noticed that my toenails were sore.  A few days later I was beyond sore and was in pain.  I now have some lovely color on my nails in the form of bruising.  It must have been the shoes I was wearing.  I did not drop anything or do anything to warrant this.  The good thing is now they just look ugly.  I need to put some nail polish on to cover this up! I will put that on the list of things to do.

Naughty List
 Thanks to October Moon who convinced me that we must do personalized soap containers my neighbour gifts were taken care of!  Thank you again for the great idea and the motivation to do it.  We also made caramel chocolate covered pretzels again this year.  Those are also a big hit. The pretzels are a bit time consuming to make and now that we have made a minor change to the recipe next years batch will be a breeze. Wink wink!

Nice List

I have a few friends whom I wanted to make a "little something" for as they only do digital scrapbooking now.

Nice List
I saw these necklaces a long time ago in a catalogue from a big brand name company and knew that I wanted to make them.  I looked on line and of course found instructions how to do them.  It was fairly easy but time consuming.  I think the first one took over 2 hours.  I did get faster at it which was a good thing otherwise there would only be one.  I was really pleased at the way they turned out.  One lovely little girl got hers tonight and she was thrilled!

Very Nice List
And of course you need to make the matching bracelet to complete the set.  Very nice indeed.
Nice List
 The gifts are almost all handed out to those who made the nice list and with that I think I am done!!!  Just need to do those toenails.

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Anonymous said...

Good thing it was only your big toe and not your bigger toe.